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Ayaka is a big fan of the live music scene in Tokyo and dates musicians exclusively.

You can often find her in the front row of live houses and concert venues supporting her favorite bands and checking out upcoming artists. She now has a network of friends that give her free tickets and backstage passes, which also means she gets invited to a lot of private parties. I haven't dated someone that wasn't in a band since high school, she told me. But I won't go out with a musician if I'm not into his music. That's fair, I thought. Who wants to be serenaded by Chad Kroeger? -jk ;)

Ayaka follows local and international acts on tour, and often stays in the same hotel as them. I was curious about any wild stories she had. Plenty, she said, and proceeded to tell me some. I later learned that touring musicians can be a depraved bunch. She told me about the guy who was into golden showers, and another who was obsessed with buttholes. She told me about the famous singer who slipped out quietly in the early morning, but left a wad of cash on the night stand. So if you're about to embark on a Japanese tour and would like to party with a lovely lady, keep an eye out for this beauty in the front row.