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Young Emily is a college student who decided to pose nude on a whim.

She found out that a friend of hers did it, so she was eager to try it out herself. She explained that a lot of college girls work in the sex industry to help pay for the ever increasing cost of tuition. She used to work as a clerk in a convenience store but quit because the customers were often rude and the hours and working conditions were terrible. She said she gets treated better modeling nude, and the pay is so much better.

Emily was a lot of fun to work with and was always smiling and giggling. Posing nude has been really fun for me she said. I think some of the male students know about it as I can tell by the way they talk to me. She also gets negative reactions, but she just ignores it. It's always the sexually repressed ones or the guys who can't find girlfriends, she told me. They think that because I model nude I'm easy and will put out for them. Well, that may be true for some guys she added with a laugh.