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Ichika is an eighteen year old high school senior who is just about to graduate.

It was a lovely summer's day when she skipped school for this photoshoot. We've finished our final exams so we won't be doing anything important today, she explained. Besides it's not like this is the first time I've been absent, she added with a sly grin. My friends and I don't bother going if there is a major sale on, or if there is some special event at Disneyland that we want to go to. We're huge Disney fan girls so we will always drop school for a fun day at Tokyo Disneyland.

Apparently Ichika and a few of her amorous friends are competing to see who can get laid the most before they graduate. My friends are way ahead, she said. They are quite the cute and flirty types and have been very successful- one of them even bedded a teacher! Oh, so it's only at school then, I said zipping my trousers back up. Yeah they all wear their skirts really short and do a lot of 'innocent' panty flashing for the guys. What's the prize if you win? It's really silly, she said laughing. Courtesy of the losers the winner gets a free annual passport to Disneyland!