Junna is a part-time maid who often cleaned my house when I was too busy or lazy to do it myself.

We got along very well and I always requested her services through the cleaning company. When she told me she was pregnant with her first child, I told her I had always wanted to photograph a pregnant woman. She laughingly dismissed my remarks but from that time I would jokingly drop hints about doing maternity photos whenever she was around. If we weren't friends I wouldn't have mentioned it, but I could tell she was amused at my persistence.

One day she casually told me her husband had been laid off from his job and she would probably have to work full-time until he was employed again. After thinking about it, modeling nude seemed a much better alternative to manual labor, especially in her condition. Junna was about 8 months pregnant when these photos were taken, and as you can see she looked absolutely stunning. She has since had a beautiful baby girl. I don't know if she told hubby about her secret modeling gig, but I don't think he would be too upset considering she did it to support her family.

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