Mana was quite the ugly duckling as a young teen and was not popular with the boys at all.

As a young girl I was pretty much ignored by guys, she said. I wasn't exactly a winner in the looks department so I missed out on a lot of dating and romance. Well it appears she did a fine job of growing up. I asked when it all changed for her. After high school I was this whole new person she said, even the boys in my class couldn't believe it at first. I asked her how she reacted to those same guys who ignored her. Oh I would sleep with them and then never call them back, she replied with a wicked grin.

Mana told me she didn't lose her virginity until she was nineteen. I was always a very horny girl so I had a lot of frustration not being able to find a boyfriend. But now that the tables have turned, it seems Mana has been busy catching up. Doing adult videos I get to explore all my sexual fantasies and fetishes. What have you experienced so far? Oh quite a bit, she replied, gangbangs, bukkake, creampies... even a little S&M too. What turns you on the most performing on video? I love being the center of attention where a bunch of guys are pawing my body with their fingers and tongues. If I get turned on enough I'll pretty much do anything, she said with a wink. Check out the erotic Mana Aoki in this retro-themed shoot for My Private Tokyo.