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I met Momoka on the streets of Shinjuku one cold winters day.

I was riding my bike through Kabukicho when I noticed a very sexy girl coming the opposite direction. I screeched to a halt and babbled on about wanting to photograph her. I was expecting her to ignore me (the usual reaction) but she stopped to listen to what I had to say. Scouting on the street is no easy feat, especially if you're a scruffy looking foreigner on a mamachari.

That day I got lucky, she said yes and agreed to model for me. It turns out she had experience in the AV industry, and she would regale me with explicit behind-the-scene stories from her performances. She also told me offhand that she has a twin sister (which sparked my imagination). Unfortunately her twin found out about her erotic videos and threatened to tell mum & dad. So Momoka had to quit the biz and return to her hometown in the country.

I couldn't help but laugh when she told me that story. Imagine people thinking you were doing porn but it was in fact your twin? Wait, wasn't that a Friends episode?