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18 year old Naho's nude debut!

If you love skinny 18 year old teens, then you will certainly love Naho. She had recently finished high school and was uncertain about her future, just as many school leavers are today. Before she decided what to do, she was scouted on the street in Harajuku one day and offered lucrative modeling opportunities. The only thing she had to look forward to was a grueling job search for low paying employment, so she thought why not!

With first-time models it can be hit or miss, a girl with a lack of experience in front of a camera can be difficult to photograph. But with the charming Naho it was a pleasure. I was surprised to be offered nude modeling gigs she told me, I didn't think I was sexy enough to be one of those glamour models. But with her positive attitude and killer smile, I think she's got the potential to make a career out of it. This is Naho's nude debut photo shoot and is exclusive to My Private Tokyo!