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I met Natsuki while assisting on a friend's photoshoot where she was the model.

She was a real upbeat and genki lady and I told her I would also love to photograph her if she was interested. She gave me a great big smile and her hand made the universal symbol for 'OK'. That day we walked around the neighborhood talking and taking snaps before heading indoors for the more intimate part of the shoot. Natsuki certainly isn't shy about taking off her clothes for the camera. For one used to performing with male co-stars, I'm sure posing nude is a walk in the park for her.

Models like Natsuki who are completely comfortable with sex and nudity are always fun to shoot. I love doing AV she told me, it's the perfect lifestyle for someone like me who craves sex. I can't imagine doing anything else she continued, in fact I would be really bored if I had to wear a uniform and work in an office or something. You don't think you'll ever get tired of doing AV? Well at this moment I'm enjoying it so I haven't really thought that far into the future she said. Besides, many girls do fuzoku when they quit doing AV so that's always an option she added with a grin.