If I had an amazing body, I would probably want to show it off to the world.

Wouldn't you? I'm glad Nina feels that way as she is always happy to pose nude for the camera. Whenever I ran into Nina in the neighborhood she would try and coax me into going to her hostess club. I'm not a fan of chatting to bored looking girls in smoke filled rooms so I always declined. I couldn't imagine entertaining drunk salary men night after night. Pouring drinks and lighting cigarettes, feigning interest and faking laughter. It's no wonder a lot of hostesses become heavy drinkers.

But Nina is a lovely girl who works hard in Japan to help support her family back in Vietnam. She decided to come to Tokyo where there were far more opportunities for work and leisure. She enjoys living in Tokyo she told me, because it's much more exciting for a young single girl than her village back home. Her family are under the impression that she works in a department store. But I'm pretty sure they don't ask too many questions since she is the one paying the bills.

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