Little cutie Sara is an exotic mix of half Japanese and half Filipino (AKA Japinoy).

She was born and raised in the rural countryside of Japan, where her father labors as a dairy farmer. I had read about the huge influx of Filipino women into Japan more than 30 years ago when the Japanese government promoted international marriages to help provincial farmers find partners. It's the same the world over, workers in the backwoods have difficulty finding a suitable spouse when they are often regarded as 'undesirable' by urban women. But Sara is the delightful result of one of these many unions between first world men and third world women.

I have a healthy respect for my fathers strong work ethic, she told me. He understands that it's not a life for everyone. He told me to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy she said. Sara now lives in Tokyo and works two part-time jobs to support herself. I visit my parents when I can, she said. I bring them gifts and tell them about my life, but being simple country folk they're more concerned about why I'm single, she sighed. I don't want marriage and kids right now, she said. I'm saving up to travel and see the world. Sara is bilingual and is an upbeat and bubbly girl. If you ever see her on her travels, don't be afraid to go up and say hi.