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What happens when you invite two lusty and busty ladies to a private karaoke room?

They get naked of course and wiggle their boobs and butts to the beat! Yui and Nao are two adventurous gals who are big karaoke enthusiasts, so they had a wild time shaking their sexy bodies and singing seductive renditions of pop songs. It was amusing to see Yui grab Nao's boobs whenever she had the chance. Who could blame her? Every time Nao moved her breasts would jiggle and bounce. I had to ask the most obvious question: they're not fake are they? They laughed and said, see for yourself. Yowzers.. @_@ I'm pleased to announce those puppies are 100% REAL.

When I first came to Japan, girls with big boobs and round butts were the rarest of creatures. Nowadays it's a different story, women with curvy figures and ample bosoms are fairly commonplace. Summertime is the best season for Japanese girls to flaunt their sexy assets. Since WWII Japan's diet has increasingly become westernized. They mass consume the same red meat and dairy from cows treated with growth hormones and steroids like we do. Maybe now Japanese women can finally throw away the padded bra once and for all. My only hope is that they don't become obese like ahem, certain.. western.. nations..